South Malahat District
South Malahat 4-H Auction

South Malahat 4-H Auction

Labour Day Monday, you have the opportunity to feed family, friends or customers with some choice cuts of meat, while supporting one of the largest rural youth organizations in existence: 4-H. The South Malahat 4-H Auction includes steers, hogs, rabbits and lambs raised by the South Malahat District 4-H members. The next auction will be held September 7, 2020 at 2:30 p.m. in the beef show ring.

The lambs, steers and hogs will be sold by the pound live weight. (e.g.- 1100 lb steer for $2.00 per lb= $2200 your cost). Your purchase will be delivered for processing at our cost. The kill charge as set by the processing plant, transportation of the carcass to the butcher and cutting and wrapping of the meat is payable by you, the purchaser. You will get to select your specific cutting instructions to the butcher. The processing plants that the animals will be sent to are all government certified. With your investment in 4-H you will be getting the best of the best in meat quality and pride.

After the 4-H sale, your picture will be taken with the animal you have purchased. You will receive a copy of this picture along with a personal recognition for your contribution from the members. As well, a group thank-you ad will be sent to local papers, advertising your support of the program and its' members. If you are interested in attending the auction or just getting more information, call us at 250-893-9756 to pre-register and we'll send out an information package.

Look forward to seeing you at the fair!

Thank you to our 2019 Buyers:

      • Baranti Developments
      • Gerry Kokkelink/Hurstmount Farm
      • 10 Acres Bistro
      • McDonald Farms
      • MacDonald Realty - Paula Wensley
      • Dogwood Tree Service
      • Van Isle Meat Packers
      • Silver Rill Farm
      • Artisan Painting Plus