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Auction 101


Before the Auction:

  • Beef, Lamb, and Hogs are for sale
  • Auction Starts at 2:30pm in the beef ring
  • All potential buyer are invited to the buyer's reception that will be held near the beef ring at 1:00pm
  • Potential buyers may qualify to receive a free day pass for the Auction. Contact Us for more information
  • All potential buyers must register and obtain a bidding number before bidding


During the Auction:

  • Price is buy the pound live weight
    • 220 hog @ $4.00/lb = $880
  • After purchase an auction representative will have you sign your buyer confirmation sheet
  • Please pay for your purchase at the auction table (via cheque or credit card) or arrange for invoicing 
  • We ask that buyers have pictures done after the sale with the 4-H member and the animal they have purchased

After the Auction:

  • Transportation to the abattoir has been arranged and provided.
  • The buyer is responsible for paying the processing fee to the abattoir, this varies by animal type, please see details below. This will be collected at time of purchase.
  • The buyer must supply instructions for cut and wrap and who they would like to do this; you may consult the auction table for information on processors.
  • The buyer is responsible for the cut and wrap costs. 

Pre-arranged Abattoirs Available (government inspected and certified):

  • Hidden Valley Processing- Beef, Lamb and Hogs – 250-746-7235
  • Parry Bay Farm- Lambs-250-478-9628

Processing Charges:

  • Beef - $225.00 plus tax (if cut & wrapped at Processor)
  • Hog - $95.00 plus tax (if cut & wrapped at Processor)
  • Lamb - $50.00 plus tax (not cut & wrapped at Processor)
  • Any meat not cut & wrapped at Hidden Valley Processing will be subject to a delivery charge:
    • Beef - $50.00, Lamb or Hog - $20.00 

Pre-arranged Butchers Available (government inspected and certified)

  • Hidden Valley Processing- Beef – 250-746-7235
  • Berryman Brothers Butcheries- Lambs and Hogs- 778-351-3633 or 250-588-3633

Cutting and Wrapping Charges:

  • Beef - $1.25 per lb. plus tax
  • Hog - $1.25 cents per lb. plus tax (sausage and smoking extra)
  • Lamb - .85 cents up to 35 lbs. Oversize .90 cents per lb.

Sausage and Smoking:

  • Sausage - $2 per lb. plus tax
  • Cure & Smoke - $2 per lb. plus tax
  • Bacon Slice - $15.00 per slab/$2 per lb. plus tax

​Grocery Stores or Butcher Shops: There will be a charge of .40 cents/lb for 1/4'ing carcasses or getting block ready as well as delivery to your store.