South Malahat District
South Malahat 4-H Auction


Do I have to pay admission to get into the fair?

-Yes, but if you are interested in attending only the auction to purchase, you can contact the Auction Committee and arrangements can be  made for a Monday pass to be sent to you. See Contact Us

What does live weight mean?

-Live weight means the weight of the animal as it is standing live. Animals are weighed on the first day of the fair to get their sale weight.

How much will an animal yield?

-On average an animal will yield 50 – 60%. This means once processed and the hide, head, hooves and offal are removed a warm carcass  weight is taken and this will determine approximately how much meat you will get with bone. For example, a 1200 lb steer (live weight)  once processed would weigh between 600 – 720 lbs warm carcass weight.

What do I do if I can’t attend the auction?

-If you are unable to make it, prior arrangements can be made with an Auction Representative to act on your behalf. Complete Auction Reserve Bid & Bill of Sale agreement.

What is the average price for beef?

-2019 $4.53/lb                    2018 $4.39/lb                     2017 $5.70/lb

What is the average price for lamb?

-2019 $5.07/lb                    2018 $6.95/lb                    2017 $10.83/lb

What is the average price for pork?

-2019 $5.18/lb                    2018 $7.81/lb                   2017 $7.42/lb

I’m interested but only interested in half of an animal?

-Contact the Auction Committee to get yourself registered on the buyer’s list and we will try and match you up with another business or  family.

How can I pay for my purchase?

-Payment is due and payable the day of the auction and can be done via cash, cheque, Visa or Master Card. There is a 2.95% charge for any  credit card transaction which must be paid by cash or cheque.

Can my business be invoiced?

-Yes, businesses can be invoiced after the sale but we require you to make prior arrangements before the auction.

Can I purchase ahead of time and not go through the auction?

-Yes, there are members who are willing to sell privately before the auction. Speaking with individual members or club leaders to identify who these members are can be done prior to the sale